Decisions of the World Council regarding Hill Climb

NEWS_photo_credit_R._DanbyHill Climb: At its meeting in Doha, the FIA World Council took the following decisions with regard to the Hill Climb discipline.


The FIA European Hill Climb Championship will start again in 2015 on the same basis as in 2014. Its calendar will include 12 competitions, scheduled in the same order as in 2014, the only variation coming from Italy, with the replacement of the Coppa Teodori in Ascoli by Trento-Bondone. The sporting and technical regulations remain practically unchanged. The only modification concerns the allocation of points: it is now sufficient for each group to include a minimum of three starters (instead of five) for the full points to be awarded; failing this, the allocation of points is reduced by 50%.


The regulations of the FIA International Hill Climb Cup follow this same principle. Furthermore, they adopt the same scale of points as in the European Championship (scale from 25 to 1 instead of 20 to 1).


Although their organisation was a great success in October, the FIA Hill Climb Masters will have their second edition in 2016, the decision to hold them biennially having been validated by the World Motor Sport Council.


Paul Gutjahr from Switzerland and Stan Minarik from the Czech Republic were reappointed in their respective roles as President and Vice-President of the FIA Hill Climb Commission for the coming year. The other countries represented on this commission are Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Great Britain, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Austria, Morocco and Lebanon.


To access the Sporting Regulations of the 2015 FIA European Hill Climb Championship, click here.

To access the Sporting Regulations of the 2015 FIA International Hill Climb Cup, click here.


FIA European Hill Climb Championship

(12 competitions)

10-12/04              FRA               St Jean du Gard Col St Pierre

24-26/04              AUT               Grosser Bergpreis von Österreich, Rechberg

08-10/05              ESP                XLIV Subida Internacional al Fito

15-17/05              PRT               36ª Rampa Internacional da Falperra

06-07/06              CZE               Ecce Homo Sternberk

19-21/06              POL               Limanowa

04-05/07              ITA                65° Trento-Bondone

18-19/07              SVK               Dobsinsky kopec

24-26/07              DEU              ADAC Glasbachrennen

15-16/08              CHE               St. Ursanne – Les Rangiers

28-30/08              SVN               GHD Petrol Ilirska Bistrica

19-20/09              HRV              34. Buzetski dani

FIA International Hill Climb Cup

(13 competitions)

25-26/04              ESP                Subida à Ubrique

08-10/05              POL               Zaluz

15-17/05              ITA                46° Verzegnis Sella Chianzutan*

29-31/05              SVK               Moris Cup Jahodná

19-21/06              SVN               GHD Gorjanci 2015

26-28/06              ITA                54° Coppa Paolino Teodori*

17-19/07              ITA                53° Rieti Terminillo-51° Coppa Bruno Carotti*

24-26/07              ITA                43° Pieve Santo Stefano-Passo dello Spino*

31/07-02/08        DEU              Osnabrücker ADAC Bergrennen

07-09/08              SVN               GHD Lucine

11-13/09              ITA                45° Trofeo Valle Camonica*

25-27/09              AUT               Sankt Agatha

02-04/10              DEU              ADAC Bergrennen Mickhausen


*Subject to confirmation by the ASN



FIA (News/05.12.2014)